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I’ve graduated from college – now what?

This summer I received several requests from different friends of mine, wondering if I would work with their new college grad niece or nephew. I am always happy to assist individuals who are ready and willing to start a new career. I was very fortunate to work with a couple of young people who were motivated to find jobs and get started on the next phase of their lives. What I learned from working with them was that college might not equip everyone with the tools that they need to look for work. All that money that was spent on the education helped them become experts in their field, but didn’t necessarily give them what they needed to take the next step of finding a job. Below are some of the things I learned from my own experience and working with new college grads:
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Fair Time

Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons. The leaves are changing colors, cooler weather is blowing in, football games are being played, the holidays are on their way, and it’s FAIR time! It’s almost like you can feel the excitement in the air. Continue reading ‘Fair Time’

Career Clusters Illuminate Learning and Earning

Workforce SolutionsYou may have heard the term “Career Clusters” and wondered what it is. Career Clusters is a college and career readiness initiative that groups similar occupation types and helps prepare students for their career of choice. The Career Cluster Initiative began in 1996 and brought education and industry training together so students could graduate with the job-ready skills needed to compete in the workforce. There are 16 different clusters that students can explore based on their own interests and aptitudes. In some cases, students can even take a personality test to see which cluster appeals most to them.
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New Job Search Skills = New Job

It was a dark and stormy night. Actually every day seemed to be a dark and stormy night as the weeks turned into months and the months progressed without a job. The monster that I called Mr. Laptop ate my resumes and sent them into a black hole where no one ever responded with a call inviting me to interview. Despite being totally competent after 20 years in my job as a human resources professional, I was getting ZERO responses, other than an occasional rejection post card. At least the post card assured me that somebody actually received my resume!

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