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Getting a Job is a Job

These days getting a job is much tougher than it was four or five years ago. There are many people looking for work and the competition is much greater. So, how do you go about your job search? Continue reading ‘Getting a Job is a Job’

Hiring That Perfect Person

I’ve been talking to employers lately who are looking for workers again after a lengthy hiatus from the whole hiring process. Here are some hints to assist you in finding the right person for your job. First, take time to review your hiring strategies and make sure they are helping, not hindering you.

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Caught a Rap Meets Get a Job

Many newly released felons have taken their first steps back in a free society into the doors of the local Workforce Solutions Office with a fresh outlook and a promise of help in getting back into a legal lifestyle through working for an honest living in an environment where felons are given a second chance. There are many of those type employers out there, just finding them is a bit of a challenge. And after the 2011 ruling by the State of Texas which did away with Project RIO, some ex-felons think that finding those employers is all but impossible, and have threatened to “go back to” their former illegal habits. Continue reading ‘Caught a Rap Meets Get a Job’

BFFs, MIAs, and other Bad References

A Quick Course on Job References
I worked a job fair last weekend, responsible for reviewing applications to make sure they were complete before candidates were considered for on-the-spot interviews. The employers required three references. I was shocked and appalled at the number of people who did not have reference information with them. I was also shocked at the quality of reference information others planned to share with employers. So, in order to prevent future shocking revelations, here are some tips for you on references.

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