Choose Your Attitude

Let’s face it; there are days throughout the year when we just don’t want to come to work.  There are many reasons for this.  The first day back from a vacation is usually the toughest one.  We may have played too much over the weekend and are just flat worn out.  I have also noticed that Cowboys fans have a tough time coming to work on Mondays after a Cowboy loss on Sunday.

Until you win the lottery or an extremely BIG football pool, you have an obligation to yourself and your family, not to mention your employer, to go to work.  Therefore, it’s time to get up, clean up, and get your smile on.

Being positive at work is one of the most critical contributions of a team member.  Even when facing personal issues outside the job, we must rise above them and avoid bringing them to work.  Your co-workers are trying to have a good day; it’s not their issue that you’ve got an “issue.”  No one wants a depressing co-worker sitting next to them!

A good attitude makes work much more enjoyable for everyone.  You definitely want to avoid negativity and not engage in conversations with someone who may be disgruntled or that does not like their job.  You want to be the person that brings the (T) in team together.

For the most part, we have chosen our careers and accepted the jobs we currently hold.  Sometimes we all have to remind ourselves why we are in the jobs.  There was a reason you chose it, right?  I will never forget an interview I had with a particular company   or the first person I helped get a job.  Both the interview and the job seeker have inspired me throughout my career.

So what makes you happy?  Do you have a favorite song?  What talk shows do you like listening to in the morning?  I love listening to the Foo Fighters on the way to work, when I need to get pumped up!  What makes you smile or laugh?  Have a big dose of it on your way to work!

Last but not least!  During my hotel business days, I made rounds every morning. There was an employee named Derek.  He was the most outstanding bell person I’d worked with in 20 years.  Derek knew everyone and had the most awesome way of greeting you and making you feel special.

One morning I went to inspect the bell closet for tidiness and organization.  When I entered, Derek was sitting there looking upset.  I asked him what was going on, because just a few minutes earlier, he had been in the lobby working his “magic.”

Derek said, “Well Tim, I have a lot going on right now, but when I am out there, man I am on stage.”  He continued, “That’s what I do; when I’m with my customers, nothing is getting in my way!”  He then smiled and said, “Let’s go get ‘em!”

We have a choice every morning.  Choose to be positive!  Let’s go get ‘em!

Tim Lopas is the Office Manager at Workforce Solutions – Pasadena. He has been in Workforce Development for seven years. His career began in the hospitality industry where he was manager of guest services. Tim is a native Houstonian whose passions include mentoring youth and going fishing.

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