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Are you a new grad or looking for a way to get your foot in the door to a new career? Or perhaps you want to give some young person the opportunity of their life time? The Texas WorkforceCommission in partnership with Direct Employers Association, recently announced March 19th the creation of a fabulous online recruiting tool for high-school and college students to learn about paid internship opportunities and employers to post these opportunities; TexasInternships.jobs.

What is it?

This online tool allows employers to post their internship positions and search for entry-level workers that are seeking the much-needed opportunity to gain experience within the business setting of their respective careers to support their degrees and other work experiences.  There are many openings in the Finance, Health, Technology, Aerospace and Defense, and Retail industries.  The list of available employers while too numerous to name, contains many Fortune 500 companies.

Tips for the Interns

As you prepare to apply to these internship openings here are some tips to increase your chances of successfully getting the internship position that you want.

  • First, follow directions. Always apply according to the instructions of the employer.   Don’t assume that just because you may know someone at the company who has given you a few pointers about the company or helped you connect with some internal contacts, that you don’t have to complete the application when,  where, and how  the employer requires you to.
  •  Second, get organized. Always have your important information ready at hand when applying for any internship. Make sure that your resume has a great format, is easy to read, and that any relevant experience you have has been documented.  Also be sure to list your academic accomplishments, remember employers are looking for candidates that are top honorees in scholastic achievements.
  • Finally, secure references. Make sure that you have your references information handy and that you have checked with them ahead of time before using them.  If you have letters of recommendation that are more than 6 months old that you call and let them know that you are applying for positions and ask if you can get an updated letter.

As you begin looking always remember that the staff of Workforce Solutions is available to help you look for internship positions, format your resume, and offer interviewing tips at no cost to you.  Click on the following link to get started www.texasinternships.jobs.

Darren Giles-Bey serves as the Front End Supervisor for the Workforce Solutions – Lake Jackson. With over two decades of combined experience in the retail, logistics, and workforce development industries, Darren helps businesses attract the best human capital through recruitment, training, and positive coaching. As a strong advocate for youth, he spends countless hours each month researching, writing, and educating youth on workforce issues in order to prepare them to enter the workforce successfully.

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