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Choose Your Attitude

Let’s face it; there are days throughout the year when we just don’t want to come to work.  There are many reasons for this.  The first day back from a vacation is usually the toughest one.  We may have played too much over the weekend and are just flat worn out.  I have also noticed that Cowboys fans have a tough time coming to work on Mondays after a Cowboy loss on Sunday.

Until you win the lottery or an extremely BIG football pool, you have an obligation to yourself and your family, not to mention your employer, to go to work.  Therefore, it’s time to get up, clean up, and get your smile on. Continue reading ‘Choose Your Attitude’

Two Routes to Performance Improvement

Does it seem like you’re stuck in an endless cycle of mediocrity?  Break the cycle and apply the principles of process improvement to effect change within your company.

One of the basic and most successful performance improvement models is the Deming Cycle – Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA). Continue reading ‘Two Routes to Performance Improvement’

Turn Work into a Summer Adventure

Surf’s up, and beneath your feet you feel the warmth of white, luxurious sand. Sound inviting? Well if you are going to work a summer job, why not be adventurous and do it in paradise?

Summertime not only opens up some longterm employment opportunities, but it also offers some seasonal fun time jobs, too…on cruise ships, as tour guides, at summer camps and national parks. Continue reading ‘Turn Work into a Summer Adventure’

Experienced Need Not Apply – Texas Internships

Are you a new grad or looking for a way to get your foot in the door to a new career? Or perhaps you want to give some young person the opportunity of their life time? The Texas WorkforceCommission in partnership with Direct Employers Association, recently announced March 19th the creation of a fabulous online recruiting tool for high-school and college students to learn about paid internship opportunities and employers to post these opportunities; Continue reading ‘Experienced Need Not Apply – Texas Internships’