Calling All Artists! Graphic Your Resume?

You heard it here first. It’s hot and it’s right. Graphic resumes are for the innovative and creative job seeker. Graphic resumes were first used to present the graphic artist’s skills but it has crept into many aspects of the creative fields.

A graphic resume allows you to paint ‘yourself’ on a canvas that is your resume. Your resume is the canvas. You are the resume. Imagine you’re an actor that can’t get an audition .No worries. Create a resume with a Hollywood reel film graphic in the background and your silhouette is the spot light.

Is it still fussy for you? These links may be able to help:

Naldz Graphics
This site can take you set by step in building a graphic resume; you get to provide the creativity.

Web Designer Depot
30 examples of graphic resumes and insightful comments on the usage.

You the Designer
Still more examples and comments on graphic resumes.

This can lead anywhere. You can be a welder that welds his resume on a metal sheet! Come tell me you’re not going to hire that guy? If a person can weld their resume on a sheet of metal he can weld my teeth. You can be a Chef that sauté his resume into a menu format. You may also want to use a recipe format resume and you would list the ingredients as your attributes. Creative? You bet your bottom dollar it is.

Now fair warning, you are going to run into old school recruiters, which prefer the traditional resume style so always bring a copy of your traditional resume to an interview. Give recruiters options. Give them an option to see that you are creative, but that you also respect tradition.

How do you get started? There are no ground rules for this type of resume. Google ‘Graphic resume’ and move forward.

It is your choice to either step up or not.

I say putting on the salsa dancing shoes and let it rip!

J. Chacon is a Senior Employment Counselor that specializes in placement for Workforce Solutions – Northeast. She has over 10 years of experience in workforce development and recruiting.

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