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Should I Follow Up?

Many job seekers are not aware that it is important to follow-up with the employer after their interview. One of the first questions I ask a job seeker after they tell me they had an interview is, “Did you follow-up?” You would be surprised that the answer nine times out of ten times is “no.” Continue reading ‘Should I Follow Up?’

“Only the Currently Employed Need Apply”

That’s how the advertisement begins.  After you pick yourself up and dust off your bruised ego, you wonder if such a statement is legal, or even moral.  Whatever it is, you are seeing it more and more in employment ads these days. Continue reading ‘“Only the Currently Employed Need Apply”’

Calling All Artists! Graphic Your Resume?

You heard it here first. It’s hot and it’s right. Graphic resumes are for the innovative and creative job seeker. Graphic resumes were first used to present the graphic artist’s skills but it has crept into many aspects of the creative fields. Continue reading ‘Calling All Artists! Graphic Your Resume?’

Youth Summer Jobs in the Texas Area

The spring hiring season is quickly approaching for youth summer jobs. Employers traditionally begin looking for youth to fill their summer seasonal positions beginning in April and these jobs usually last through mid August. Continue reading ‘Youth Summer Jobs in the Texas Area’