QualiFind – Great Asset for Working Parents

If you’re a working parent with young children, you obviously want and need the best possible child care available. Unfortunately, you simply may not have enough time to personally and thoroughly screen a large number of available child care providers and select the one that is right for you and your child. Workforce Solutions has help for you.

Workforce Solutions is fortunate to work with an organization called Collaborative for Children, which recently introduced QualiFind — a free, Web-based ranking system. If you go to their Web site, you will see which Houston area child care and education facilities are considered “Excellent,” “Good” or “Minimal” when it comes to essential child care qualifications.

Specifically, QualiFind ranks child care programs on teacher-to-child ratio and group size; teacher education and training; accreditation; teacher tenure; family involvement; and compliance with licensing standards. According to the QualiFind ranking system, excellence is achieved only when a provider meets the highest of standards.

Carol Shattuck, Collaborative for Children’s President and CEO, says the process of choosing a quality, reputable child care provider “seems more time-consuming than ever, but it is one of the most important decisions a parent can make.”

To find out more about QualiFind and see where you can find the best care for your child, go to www.WeKnowChildCare.com.

Andrea Francis serves as the Asst. Vice President of Family Engagement at Collaborative for Children, a Workforce Solutions Quality Improvement contractor. Collaborative for Children is a non-profit organization that works with all sectors of the Houston community to strengthen the early care and education system for young children from birth through school-aged. She has worked in the field of early care and education for 17 years and oversees the programming targeted to educate and empower parents and families.