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Too Old to Get a Job!?

Several sources state that people who are 40 or older represent 48% of the United States workforce. This is great news for those of us who are considered older Americans. The number of workers 55 and older is expected to increase to 20% by the year 2020, which will represent 1 out of 5 people employed. The idea that I can’t get a job because I’m too old or that employers want to hire younger people is not necessarily true. So what is an ‘old person’ to do? Continue reading ‘Too Old to Get a Job!?’

Truckers, Cell Phones, and the Long Highway

As of January 3, 2012, the Department of Transportation adopted a new rule restricting use of hand-held mobile phones and devices by interstate commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers – or truck drivers as we more usually call them.  Intrastate hazardous materials drivers are also covered.  Specifically, the rule says no reaching for or holding mobile phones, and no pushing more than one button to operate phones while driving a commercial motor vehicle. Continue reading ‘Truckers, Cell Phones, and the Long Highway’

If it Ain’t Baroque…

Identifying Added-Value in Your Marketing Tool Kit. I am a classically trained musician. I play all wind instruments with some fluency and can conduct a large orchestra through Shostakovich Symphony Number 5 (my dream…New York Phil, call me!). From my training, I learned that not all classical music is the same. I discovered I enjoyed the Baroque period of music — music that was excessively gilded, ornate, and “flowery.” Simply put, the Baroque period took a simple melody and dressed it up.

Okay, your music lesson is over. The reason I mentioned this musical reference is because in teaching my Cover Letter class recently I found that we became engrossed in a conversation on added-value…or, to complete the reference, taking an otherwise adequate item and making it “Baroque” – in this case, taking a skill or value-item and making it MORE valuable by providing more detail of worth to the employer. Continue reading ‘If it Ain’t Baroque…’

QualiFind – Great Asset for Working Parents

If you’re a working parent with young children, you obviously want and need the best possible child care available. Unfortunately, you simply may not have enough time to personally and thoroughly screen a large number of available child care providers and select the one that is right for you and your child. Workforce Solutions has help for you. Continue reading ‘QualiFind – Great Asset for Working Parents’