New Year’s Resolution Week 2: Get a Job

mike You’ve spent a week getting psyched up to get out there and find that new job.  You’ve probably shopped the online job boards, some big local companies, and maybe even the newspaper.  So the question is, “Are you doing enough?”  Unfortunately, the answer will always be “No,” at least until you land that job.  So what can you do now to keep this New Year’s resolution?

The answer is much less complicated than you think.  Here are a few tips to spur that new and improved job search you’ve been working on for the new year:

Find New Networks: 

Let’s face it: the old networks you used last year haven’t paid off yet.  Your neighbors, your family, your fellow churchgoers and former coworkers just haven’t produced the leads you have been looking for, so it’s time to make some new contacts and access their friends.

The most obvious place to start is online social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook).  Put it out there and let people know you’re in the market for a new job.  Create new virtual connections through these forums that might connect you to future leads.  I don’t know where a friend’s brother works, but if he’s on LinkedIn, I might try to find out and let him know I’m in the market.

Try to find new hobbies that involve people like running clubs, yoga or exercise classes, or even wine clubs (but go easy on this one).  All of these new ventures are potential network leads to new and exciting occupations.

Volunteer for local events to network with new people.  There is no better way to show eagerness and passion than volunteering for a good cause.  Such activity goes a long way in the minds of potential hiring leads or networkers that might offer up your name.  The Houston Marathon is just around the corner, just saying great opportunity.

Set a New Routine:

You’ve spent some time searching for jobs, but have you turned your job search into a job?  Create a weekly schedule of activity for your search including target occupations, industries, and businesses.  Develop calendars of networking opportunity.  Establish set dates and times to work on certain job search related activities like resume tweaking, practicing for interviews, rebranding your skills.  Setting a routine will allow you to focus on your New Year’s resolution: finding a new job.

Get to Know Industry Organizations and Associations:

Most industries, and more specifically most occupations, have organizations or associations that offer a wealth of resources to employees in the industry.  Often these include job search assistance and job leads.  If you are not a member, join; if you can’t join right now, get to know the leaders and representatives.  If they can associate you with a specific skill set or employer need, you have a potential job lead in the making.  Associations will also on occasion hold job fairs, thus be ready to move on such chances.

Your Church or Mine?

Look, no one is asking you to change your church or religion or join one, but be aware each and every church offers a new group of potential leads to tap into for your job search.  Many offer direct job search assistance to those in need, host job fairs, work directly with local employers, have members that work in leading local industries and are credible resources.  Get to know your community churches to jump-start your career search this year.

Searching for a job is difficult but can be much easier if you use the local resources around you.  This year, kick your resolution in overdrive by marketing yourself wide and well.  Work on your search as if it is your full-time job.  Soak up all and every opportunity to learn, grow, and become more skilled in the search techniques and 2012 should be a great year!

Michael Webster serves as an Industry Liaison to the Education Sector for the Gulf Coast Workforce Board. With over a decade of experience in teaching and staff development, Michael is passionate about ensuring all students achieve an enriching and successful life beyond high school. In his current capacity, he services school districts in developing a strong workforce and in delivering career resources to students and their families.

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