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Are You a Secret Job Seeker?

Ah, the challenge and art of finding a job! Getting where you want to go in the workforce often depends on how loud you are willing to scream. Continue reading ‘Are You a Secret Job Seeker?’

Let’s Party! How to Celebrate the Holidays Merrily — Litigation-Free

It’s that time – the holidays are here! Many companies traditionally sponsor a party to celebrate. Time to review a few guidelines to insure you don’t wind up entangled in nasty personnel situations, or worse yet, in litigation.

Continue reading ‘Let’s Party! How to Celebrate the Holidays Merrily — Litigation-Free’

Need a Job? Attend a Holiday Party or Two

mike My ten year anniversary is coming up in February. I am sure you are wondering what that has to do with holiday parties, and so let me clarify. Unlike years past, the Thanksgiving feast brought out a slew of family members this year for some reason. Someone mentioned in conversation my upcoming anniversary only to be followed by the obvious question, “So, are you getting her a new ring?” My eyes bulged out of my head, and so did my wife’s eyes just not for the same reasons. The next words in the conversation were from her saying, “I hope so. I want an antique one.” Continue reading ‘Need a Job? Attend a Holiday Party or Two’

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Greetings of the season! Isn’t it fun to be job searching over the holidays? Actually, this is the most wonderful time of the year for job search. Let’s think about it: Continue reading ‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year’