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It’s Raining Oil and Jobs

Need a job? Then head north ——– > way north to Williston, North Dakota that is. North Dakota has struck black gold and the job boom shows no signs of stopping. Continue reading ‘It’s Raining Oil and Jobs’

Counting Our Blessings

Thanksgiving is the time of year to count our blessings, and share with our friends and families those things for which we are grateful. There are lots of statistics I’ve heard recently which drive home the fact that I can count myself among the priviledged. Continue reading ‘Counting Our Blessings’

Transitioning from a Military to a Civilian Career

Do you know a veteran? Are you a veteran, and are you now fighting to find a job and a new direction for your life in the civilian world?

Many veterans are finding that they have to re-establish themselves in the workplace when they leave the battlefield and arrive back home. Things are different now. Continue reading ‘Transitioning from a Military to a Civilian Career’

Surgical Strikes to Surgical Gowns

College Credit for Heroes – Surgical Technician

In honor of Veteran’s Day approaching this Friday, I would like to highlight a career that can transition some medical skills acquired during military service into a similar job at home; surgical technician. I’ll also introduce you to a program that can help pay for the training and the national certification exam.

Continue reading ‘Surgical Strikes to Surgical Gowns’