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I Could Sooo Be An Elf…Again!

Finding seasonal employment at the Winter Holidays
A couple of years ago, I blogged about talking to some local businesses about seasonal hiring. While the job market is definitely different these days, what is interesting is that we all still commit to a “Happy Holiday” with increased gift buying and spending. Nationally, last year’s holiday season saw the same if not an increase in spending versus previous years. However, this year with our spending we may want to simultaneously make some additional money to “soften the blow” financially. So, I thought…why not? Let’s look back at the story of becoming an elf for the holidays one more time. Continue reading ‘I Could Sooo Be An Elf…Again!’

Labor Relations, Unionization and You, the Employer

Lockouts, mediation, players union vs. owners, no games – are you feeling the gap left by the NBA basketball standoff? I am! All the commotion though, has brought to mind information employers need to know. The National Labor Relations Board has issued a new Final Rule affecting all employers covered by the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). What does this have to do with striking basketball players? Everything! Continue reading ‘Labor Relations, Unionization and You, the Employer’

Not Blood Splatter Forensics but Locally Demanded

mikeIntroducing System and Process Operators. Read any front page across the nation in the last couple months and it’s the same story over and over: the recovery is slow and not enough jobs have been created. Political candidates keep outlining how they will create more jobs as the president is trying to sell another jobs plan. And still the unemployment rate sticks at high levels. It has become an all-too-familiar story these days—Americans want more and better jobs. Luckily for the Houston region, there’s plenty to go around. With strong industrial ties to energy, Houston continues to thrive with a large pool of jobs for a wide range of skilled workers. Continue reading ‘Not Blood Splatter Forensics but Locally Demanded’

Child Care Careers Benefit Families, Communities, and Society’s Future

Child care professionals are some of the most important teachers a child will ever have. They can make a world of difference in the lives of children and their families. So if you like children and want a rewarding career working with them, Workforce Solutions encourages you to think about becoming a child care professional. Continue reading ‘Child Care Careers Benefit Families, Communities, and Society’s Future’