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New “Choices” Help Families Plan

mikeCareer planning tool roll-out. Walk into any fifth grade class in any city in the nation and ask the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The answers will be nearly the same whether you’re in Seattle or San Antonio, Harrisburg or Houston: Continue reading ‘New “Choices” Help Families Plan’

I Have Skills… Transferable Skills

Claudia Today, many job seekers define themselves by their job title and may not take into account their specific transferable skills. This could limit their range at the time of job transition due to a lay-off, career change, or disability. How do you know which skills can transfer to another job? How do you identify them and sell them to employers? Continue reading ‘I Have Skills… Transferable Skills’

What They Never Taught Me in Ed. School

mike As a high school senior, I had already figured out exactly what I wanted to do in life.

I remember sitting in a small desk in a poorly-lit classroom just about to fall asleep to a teacher’s lecture on commas when it hit me in a flash, “I could do this so much better than the teacher!” After this flash of brilliance, I began mapping out on my paper not the 52 rules of using commas, but a self-made, interactive lesson plan that would get students interested in using commas—well, as interesting as students can get in commas. In any event, it was then and there that I decided teaching was my vocation. Continue reading ‘What They Never Taught Me in Ed. School’

My Network is Disconnected

danny-0509Overcoming common challenges in job search networking. I have rarely met an individual that embraces and adores what most see as the chore of networking. Networking is the act of meeting other individuals to share resources and hopefully propel your respective needs forward. This is purposefully a vague definition as networking comes in many forms and can serve many different purposes. Some people network to advance the sales of a product. Some network to simply get their name or their business’s name out there so that it is at the forefront of peoples’ minds. And of course, some people network as a necessity for job searching. Continue reading ‘My Network is Disconnected’