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How Well Do You Prepare for a Job Search?

Workforce SolutionsIf there’s one flaw common among people looking for work, it’s a failure to simply prepare for meetings with prospective employers. Individuals should not only be prepared for interviews but also for career fairs, networking events, and walk-ins. Continue reading ‘How Well Do You Prepare for a Job Search?’

The ADA in the USA Helps Us Every Day

Claudia July 26th we celebrated the 21st anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). I shared this with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter and to my surprise, not many of them acknowledged or even “liked” my status. I have to admit, due to my job and personal reasons, I have become more knowledgeable about the ADA. Today, I’m sharing the basics to remind others how the ADA affects our daily lives and employment. Continue reading ‘The ADA in the USA Helps Us Every Day’

De-scamming the Scammers

will-s-0209Tumult and adversity often serve as the perfect primer for corrupt behavior. While millions of honest Americans are suffering through the ills of uncertainty and unemployment, it’s almost unfathomable to believe that there are scores of unscrupulous people willing to prey upon their unfortunate circumstances. Continue reading ‘De-scamming the Scammers’

Armchair Rebranding

danny-0509Homework for beginning a new occupation or industry job search.

Most “job search experts” will tell you that looking for a new job is a task that requires you to be actively and aggressively involved in each minute detail. Job searching is an undertaking that requires one to hit the pavement, make the brow sweat, and leaves one exhausted at the end of the day. Continue reading ‘Armchair Rebranding’