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The Job-hunting Value of Volunteer Work

Workforce SolutionsOccasionally, someone will ask me how to deal with the “down time” of job hunting — that indefinite period of waiting for a certain response or result. Well, volunteering is one way to stay busy and make any spare time away from interviewing, researching, or networking still contribute to job search goals. Continue reading ‘The Job-hunting Value of Volunteer Work’

DHH Challenges

Claudia After being invited to be a part of a job fair planning committee for deaf and hard of hearing job seekers, my eyes have been opened to the many challenges facing this close-knit community. I’m glad to be representing Workforce Solutions in this group; it gives me an opportunity to learn and to dispel some myths of Workforce Solutions services in the deaf community. But, more importantly, I have been able to discuss issues with true advocates to the deaf community. Two main challenges I’ll be talking about are accommodations and the attitudinal challenges. These are challenges faced whether individuals are deaf or hard of hearing. Continue reading ‘DHH Challenges’

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

danny-0509Using Twitter and having Twitter work for you in your job search. Every morning I sit at my desk for about 30 minutes and do three things. First, I browse local job boards for any hot opportunities I may want to pursue for our customers. Second, I look at the local news websites to see if there is any hot local labor market information regarding new jobs or employment opportunities. Finally, I look at Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter searching some key words for possible local job leads. Continue reading ‘To Tweet or Not to Tweet’

Keys to Unlocking a Lockout

will-s-0209The NFL is currently facing one of its longest work stoppages ever, as players and owners continue their incendiary dispute as to how they should split up nine billion dollars. When players reported for off-season workouts and practices, the owners took legal action, barring them from the facilities. As things currently sit between both parties, no immediate resolution appears likely. Continue reading ‘Keys to Unlocking a Lockout’