The Key to Completing Online Job Applications

Workforce SolutionsOverall, completing online applications requires having most of the same tools needed for filling out paper applications (i.e., dates, former employers, addresses, and phone numbers) right beside you.

For many, however, a lack of computer skills presents an added challenge. For online applications, you must have some knowledge of how to operate computers. All online applications will require you to establish a username and password. Simply write down memorable names that you can recall and do not share them with anyone. Using the same username and password for all online applications is easier to remember. Another time-saver is to use a “master” application — keeping all of your standard information readily available in application format and therefore easily transferable to any new online application.

In cases where you need to attach or upload a resume to an online application, make it easy on yourself by using a Microsoft Word document for your resume — it’s the simplest and quickest method, and it is easy for employers to read.

Remember to review the application and resume ensuring every question is answered and check for spelling errors. Too often, we write the way we speak, so the best investment is to keep a pocket dictionary with you to check or correct yourself every time you’re filling out an application or proofing your resume. Do not completely rely upon a spell check which is sometimes a part of the online application. It does not know when you intended to write a or an.

Also, you’ll occasionally want to check the status of an application, so 1) make sure your username and password are easy to recall and 2) keep your written username and password handy, in case you cannot recall them.

LaTonya Rogers is a Regional Facilitator for Workforce Solutions conducting job search skills seminars throughout the Houston – Galveston area. She brings ten years of experience in the workforce industry along with over twenty years in the fields of customer service and education.

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