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Painting Your Professional Portrait … On Paper and In-Person

Workforce SolutionsYou’ve probably filled out job applications so many times, you consider it the one thing about the job hunt that’s basically a no-brainer. Continue reading ‘Painting Your Professional Portrait … On Paper and In-Person’

Too Close for Comfort

will-s-0209 Although recent labor reports indicate that overall job losses have slowed, what is your best course of action if your office is still in layoff mode and your own employment status might suddenly be in jeopardy? Welcome to the new world of employment uncertainty.

Your immediate reaction and proper preparation could significantly shorten your length of unemployment if bad news does arrive. Many people go through a short period of relief after learning that they have managed to hang onto their own job when those around them have been let go. But eventually, those feelings can morph into sadness, anxiety or even guilt. Some co-workers in your office might opt to explore other jobs in order preempt the next round of pink slips. What should you do? Continue reading ‘Too Close for Comfort’

I Talked Myself to Caesar’s Palace

danny-0509Networking and Educational Development via Industry Associations. I have the pleasure of being in a great professional organization or two. One of these I have mentioned previously, the Society for Human Resource Management or SHRM. I am a member of this association because my daily work involves workforce planning and development, a key focus area of the Human Resource profession. The organization serves as a hub of information for me, allowing me to remain “tapped in” to the current local information, the reception of that information from the industry, and the feedback being provided real-time. In other words, being involved in this association keeps me “current.” Continue reading ‘I Talked Myself to Caesar’s Palace’

The Key to Completing Online Job Applications

Workforce SolutionsOverall, completing online applications requires having most of the same tools needed for filling out paper applications (i.e., dates, former employers, addresses, and phone numbers) right beside you. Continue reading ‘The Key to Completing Online Job Applications’