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Get Social with Your Networking

Workforce SolutionsAll of us learn to look for every possible advantage when going after a good job. Online social networking can definitely be such an advantage, depending on what site you use and how. Online social networking is not all that different from face-to-face networking. The key is figuring out who knows who and how well you can directly reach the people who can help you. Continue reading ‘Get Social with Your Networking’

Ten Crucial Job Search Mistakes to Avoid

will-s-0209With 14 million people unemployed, the competition to land a job has never been fiercer. HR managers and corporate recruiters now have more leverage than ever in who they select to fill open positions. Unfortunately, many job seekers are making the same mistakes. Continue reading ‘Ten Crucial Job Search Mistakes to Avoid’

Identity Theft in the Workplace

Lisa BoganyWhile many identity theft cases involve consumer data that is maintained by financial, retail, and other businesses, negligent, and dishonest co-workers at those companies are frequently guilty of providing access to sensitive records. Even businesses that do not maintain customer records have an abundance of employee data that can provide a tempting target for identity thieves. According to Judith M. Collins, author of the book Preventing Identity Theft in Your Business: How to Protect Your Business, Customers, and Employees, at least 50% of all identity theft cases can be traced back to the workplace. With identity theft in the workplace becoming a serious problem, it is imperative that employers establish anti-theft practices. Continue reading ‘Identity Theft in the Workplace’

The Job Hunt Basics Always Apply …

Workforce SolutionsWhen hunting work, it’s the most obvious facts that many of us miss. For example: Landing a good job is most likely to happen when the job seeker makes a solid plan and follows through. And a solid plan takes much more than writing and updating a resume. Continue reading ‘The Job Hunt Basics Always Apply …’