Becoming Sartorial

danny-0509Revisiting the finer points of appropriate interview and workplace attire.

Nearly a year ago we addressed the issue of dressing appropriately for an interview. After recently experiencing a number of job fairs and hiring events, I felt it was a good time to revisit the issue. Let me tell you about my inspiration for this idea. Continue reading “Becoming Sartorial”

Help! Help! My Employees Need Training

Lisa BoganySmall businesses are the backbone of the Gulf Coast business community. Often looked over, these 82,000+ employers, face the same labor force problems as large employers. How do I increase retention? How do I afford training in this economy? Are there any programs that can help? I have good news. Yes, there is “someone” looking out for the small business owner. Who may this hero be? Continue reading “Help! Help! My Employees Need Training”

Keys to Overcoming a Blank Resume

will-s-0209Job search tips for new college graduates.
I recently addressed a group of local college students about job prospects with graduation right around the corner for many of them. Their biggest concerns were two-fold. First, and normal in any economy, the daunting prospect of competing school with little or no experience to show on their resumes. The second is hoping to avoid becoming just another unemployed recent college grad stuck in a crowded job market. Continue reading “Keys to Overcoming a Blank Resume”

Faring Well at a Job Fair

will-s-0209As the economy slowly begins to percolate, there are a number of job fairs cropping up around the area. Job seekers constantly ask me if job fairs are worth attending. To be honest, it boils down to what exactly are your expectations. If you expect to immediately walk away with several huge job offers, then you might be setting yourself up for disappointment. But, if you’re looking to strike up positive contacts and entertain additional networking opportunities, job fairs can become a vital component in your job search. Continue reading “Faring Well at a Job Fair”