Your Only New Year’s Resolution

danny-0509Taking a chance in 2011.
Two more weeks left in 2010 and all I can think about is how much Christmas shopping I have left because I once again procrastinated. And, again, I have vowed to not do this next year. Somehow I think I will fail in this goal for 2011. Nonetheless, there is one thing I do resolve every year…and it is one thing at which I always succeed.

Here is what I say and do and what I encourage you to try:
In the New Year I resolve to take a chance at making a dramatic change toward improving one aspect of my life.

I started doing this four years ago because all of my previous New Year’s resolutions consistently led me toward failure. However, choosing to “take a chance” by making a dramatic change left open possibilities for me. I promised myself to be thoughtful about the dramatic change. There was no need to begin a resolution on January 1st if my mind or soul was not ready for change. I always took my time while also being timely. After all, some dramatic change required time to succeed.

Last year, I decided to invest in achieving a professional credential. It took financial planning to pay for the course and exam. It took time management planning to arrange for study time. And, most importantly, I had to prepare myself mentally for the challenge of this goal. I took the chance at making a dramatic change toward improving the career aspect of my life.

In a previous year I resolved to do one explicitly charitable act each year from that point forward. That year it began with collecting jackets, warm clothes, and blankets to donate to the Star of Hope Mission. The next year, I raised over $800 for the American Diabetes Association’s Annual Walk event. This year, I am again collecting clothes but this time to donate to a program for men needing career attire.

Whatever it may be, I assure you that making this promise to myself has been the most rewarding thing I have done in my adult life. It is a personal challenge and a challenge I want to achieve each year. It reminds me that despite the challenges life throws at me…at you…each year, we can still steer our course in at least one aspect of our lives. Your resolution may not be directly career related, but believe me; it will help your career.

Do you want to lose weight? Then resolve to walk a little each day. Challenge yourself to increase the length or speed of your walk each week. Having done this myself, I know that even after a couple of days I felt better about myself, had more energy, and was able to be more productive. This let me organize my home records (a task that I didn’t enjoy) and clean up our home office. Could some additional energy and higher spirits help your job search?

What can you resolve to do if you take this challenge? Will you scrap your resume and start over taking a new perspective on your work history and aspirations? Will you take a chance in a new industry? Will you explore entrepreneurship? Whatever you choose to do, I encourage you to take a chance and make a dramatic change. Good luck on your job search and happy New Year!

Danny Zendejas is the Hospitality Business Consultant for Workforce Solutions in the Houston metropolitan area. He has over eight years of experience in the hospitality industry and workforce development and is a native of San Antonio, Texas.

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