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Ten Employers Resolutions for the New Year

Lisa BoganyAs the year comes to a close and employers begin preparing for the upcoming fiscal year, I begin to think about my employers who consistently call and email me for Human Resource advice. I wonder, “Will they have the same issues next year? How can they avoid the same personnel problems?” With those questions in mind, I came up with my top ten New Year’s resolutions for employers. Following these rules will definitely put my employers a step ahead of the competition. Continue reading ‘Ten Employers Resolutions for the New Year’

Your Only New Year’s Resolution

danny-0509Taking a chance in 2011.
Two more weeks left in 2010 and all I can think about is how much Christmas shopping I have left because I once again procrastinated. And, again, I have vowed to not do this next year. Somehow I think I will fail in this goal for 2011. Nonetheless, there is one thing I do resolve every year…and it is one thing at which I always succeed. Continue reading ‘Your Only New Year’s Resolution’

Concerned About Employment Gaps?


Weekly I encounter job seekers concerned about explaining employment gaps to prospective employers. Some of the most common reasons for employment gaps are laid off, taking time off to have a baby, caring for an elderly parent, a disability, or incarceration. There are some reasons that are looked upon more favorably than others but whatever the reason, don’t overlook this potential barrier to employment and address it wisely. Continue reading ‘Concerned About Employment Gaps?’

Avoiding a “Blue” Christmas

will-s-0209The holidays can be a great time to land a new job.
A huge misconception is out there that companies routinely curtail all of their hiring efforts during the holiday; this is simply not the case. Despite the down job market, companies are hiring and they don’t stop just because it’s the holidays. You may not find as many openings compared to other points of the year, but you may find there’s less competition for those jobs that are available. Continue reading ‘Avoiding a “Blue” Christmas’