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People First?


Four years ago in October, I started this journey of Disability Navigator for Workforce Solutions. During this time, I have learned and trained many individuals on how to hire, communicate, and work with people with disabilities. This has been a job applicable to not only the work place but life as a whole. While watching the news a few weeks ago, I saw a story about a runner with no vision and the title of the story was “Blind Runner.” I know we all have labels, but do you want to be called by your label or be considered an individual first? I would not want to be called “Short Person” for the rest of my life. However, there are other phrases that can be more hurtful than calling someone short. Here are some things I’ve learned about communicating with individuals with disabilities. Continue reading ‘People First?’

Rediscovering Your Ability

danny-0509Finding it hard to be thankful when you’re unemployed?
Tis the season to be jolly? Finding it hard to find your holiday cheer because you’re caught up in the stress of a recent lay off or seemingly unending job search? Believe me, I know that as much as we say, “money can’t buy happiness,” not having money definitely inspires the opposite of happiness. Continue reading ‘Rediscovering Your Ability’

The New Face of the Unemployed

will-s-0209Preparing for the long-term recovery.
Economic pundits have recently brought more focus to what can be termed as long-term unemployment. They define it as a period of unemployment lasting six months or more. Estimates are that more than five-million people, or approximately one-third of the unemployed, are currently in this category. Many in this group come from industries that have provided stability in recent decades, such as the automotive, manufacturing, and high-tech fields. These industries may never fully rebound even as the economy starts to recover. Continue reading ‘The New Face of the Unemployed’

Accommodating Disabled Veterans on the Job


As we celebrate Veterans Day on November 11th, let’s remember the many veterans that are currently unemployed. These are great men and women who have defended our country and have returned home, some with a life changing impairment.  Statistics show that individuals with disabilities are the largest minority group, and it’s the only minority group that anyone can join after a life changing event.  In August 2009, about 2.8 million veterans, or 13 percent of the total, reported having a service-connected disability.  Below are two areas of disability that can impact the lives of our veterans.    Continue reading ‘Accommodating Disabled Veterans on the Job’