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Truth or Consequences

will-s-0209The truth about print and online job ads.
As a workforce development professional, I constantly get questions from job seekers about the scores of job openings listed in newspapers, magazines, and employment publications around town. Most people express the frustration of never hearing anything back after responding to these job openings. Continue reading ‘Truth or Consequences’

Urban Legends of Employment Law III: Contract Labor Pt. 2

Lisa BoganyIf you were tracking with us last week, you’ve begun the process of determining whether or not you need an “independent contractor” or an employee. There are still a few additional details you must hammer out before making your final decision. Continue reading ‘Urban Legends of Employment Law III: Contract Labor Pt. 2’

Urban Legends of Employment Law III: Contract Labor Pt. 1

Lisa BoganyAs we continue our discussion regarding the urban legends of employment law I cannot go any further without mentioning “Contract Labor.”  In my opinion, that is the most widely used misnomer in business. The issue is really whether a given worker is an employee or an independent contractor. These are some things to consider when  determining if the term “contract labor” is appropriate. Continue reading ‘Urban Legends of Employment Law III: Contract Labor Pt. 1’

Tax Credits for Hiring Qualified Candidates?


 Did you know that hiring certain qualified applicants can also come with a financial incentive?  I’m talking about individuals with disabilities and those with other barriers to employment. These are individuals that meet your business need and show great potential for your company. Besides making a good employee they can also provide your company with some financial incentives. Continue reading ‘Tax Credits for Hiring Qualified Candidates?’

Dead Man Walking

will-s-0209Exploring high skill/high growth occupations.

As the economy continues to sputter along more people are beginning to ponder their career options. Over two million jobs were put to rest during the past 24 months and some fields have been hit harder than others. If your current industry has been hit hard, it may be time to take a closer look at other occupational alternatives. Continue reading ‘Dead Man Walking’