Application Etiquette

Lisa BoganyThere are many misnomers about what questions can be asked during the application process and what things should be included on the actual application. Below are some of the most frequently submitted questions Gulf Coast area employers give regarding what they can and cannot ask potential candidates. Continue reading “Application Etiquette”

Avoiding Communication Faux Pas

ClaudiaAccording to the Office of Disability Employment Policy, when the national unemployment rate was 10.1 the rate for those with disabilities was 13.9. With this group reflecting an almost 4 point higher rate of unemployment than the general population, there is a strong likelihood that you are also screening candidates disabilities. Would you like some suggestions to improve your communication with these job seekers? Continue reading “Avoiding Communication Faux Pas”

Prefered but Definitely not Required Pt. 1

danny-0509A look at the top employer job sourcing mistakes.
I have the pleasure of evaluating many job postings and job descriptions every day. In doing so, I see employers make mistakes in their sourcing and recruiting efforts starting with simple wording issues in job descriptions to errors in job fair operations that could potentially be litigious. The hiring process needs as few roadblocks as possible, especially in the tough employment climate we have today, and I thought this would be a good time to review some of these issues to help both job seekers and employers. Continue reading “Prefered but Definitely not Required Pt. 1”

Joe Cool to the Rescue

will-s-0209Staying cool during a tough interview.

In sports, there have always been special athletes who can rise to the occasion and give their best performances when the stakes are at their highest. ┬áRetired NBA greats Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson come to mind as they led their teams to eleven championships collectively. Continue reading “Joe Cool to the Rescue”