It’s in the Details

Lisa BoganyIn a day and age where an employer’s time and resources are precious it is best to maximize every phase of the hiring process to streamline the process. Therefore, the job postings should be written to attract the high quality candidate that employers desire, rather than just a high quantity of candidates.

Writing a superior job posting is all in the details. The more information job seekers receive up front, the more power they have over their own job search and the less time employers will spend weeding out the uninterested and unqualified. In working with employers, I have found that when a job posting lists the essential details, businesses have a better chance of receiving the high quality candidate they are seeking.

So what are those essential details?
• Job Title – The job title is the first thing job seekers see when searching for their next career move. Make sure that it accurately represents the main job function and is free from internal company jargon.

• Company Description – Believe it or not, this is one of the most important parts of the job description. Mention the size, location, history, and work environment of your company. Job seekers know that when it comes to success, fitting in with the company culture is just as important as fitting into the actual job.

• Job Description – What are the major job functions? What are the task expectations? Are there functions that you have found people are “surprised” to discover are their responsibility? Don’t forget to list those as well.

• Candidate Requirements – This is where you list the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the job. What educational level is required? How much experience is required? What types and levels of computer skills are required? Is knowledge of a certain product, service, or industry necessary? Be careful of the phrases “some experience” and “some knowledge.” Remember that this is your opportunity to specifically list what your company is desiring.

• Benefits and Salary – More often than not employers like to keep the salary and benefits confidential, and more often than not job seekers hesitate to apply for positions that don’t lay out those details. There are sales jobs that pay $8 per hour and sales jobs that pay $26 per hour. There are jobs that pay minimum wage, but offer fantastic benefits. Salary and benefits are one of those things that are often the determining factor in not only accepting a job offer, but applying for a job opening. Think like a job seeker. Wouldn’t you want to know? If you aren’t sure what the pay will be, stating the salary range or starting salary is just as good!

• How to Apply – What makes your recruiting process easier? Maybe you want to receive emails rather than faxes. Is testing required? Can candidates apply online?

The Business Service Representatives of Workforce Solutions are experts in the field of job posting advertisements. Contact them by phone at 713.688.6890 or by email at for assistance with writing your next job posting advertisement. Focusing the details of the job positing will save time and energy for all parties concerned.
Lisa Bogany is a Senior Business Consultant for Workforce Solutions in the Houston metropolitan area. She has over five years of experience in workforce development, primarily working with employers, and over 10 years experience in small business entrepreneurship.

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