It’s in the Details

Lisa BoganyIn a day and age where an employer’s time and resources are precious it is best to maximize every phase of the hiring process to streamline the process. Therefore, the job postings should be written to attract the high quality candidate that employers desire, rather than just a high quantity of candidates. Continue reading “It’s in the Details”

Myths: Mental Illness and Job Searching

Claudia In my 3 years as a Disability Navigator I have had the opportunity to work with job seekers, employers, and staff members. Along the way, I have encountered a number of people with questions regarding mental illness and job readiness. It is the wise person who asks if what they have “heard” is, in truth, a fact or a myth. Today, I would like to be a “myth buster” and share some information with you regarding mental illness. Continue reading “Myths: Mental Illness and Job Searching”

Don’t Burn the “In”

The best way to land a job these days is to network relentlessly and use every resource possible to reach key decision makers. If you are fortunate enough to have a contact who works inside the organization you are targeting it can make life a lot easier. Yet, there are some key steps to remember so you don’t burn your inside contact. Continue reading “Don’t Burn the “In””

The Boss is Coming

Lisa Bogany

I recently received a phone call from an employer who was frustrated with his employees’ frequent computer use, or better said, misuse. After allowing him to vent, I learned that the employees were using various social networking websites which not only slowed down his computer network, but left his clients waiting for assistance. Continue reading “The Boss is Coming”