Mind, Body, and a Toolbox?

will-s-0209Strategies to lower your stress.

After experiencing one of the coolest winters in recent memory, the warmer months are finally here. Spring training has started in baseball while college students are crowding the roads for spring break. This is also about the time of year when those earlier plans to become more fit have been abandoned. I have proof of this because it now takes me less time to find a parking space at my gym each evening.

A sputtering economy combined with increased workloads has created a more stressful work environment for many of us. Those who have managed to hang on to their jobs now feel the added pressure of trying to keep them. Tempers in the workplace are now shorter than ever; leaving some to take out their frustrations on innocent coworkers and peers while encumbered by heightened demands and expectations.

A recent study by a leading health organization indicated that over seventy percent of working adults revealed that they were experiencing difficulty in balancing their challenging work-related duties with their personal lives. Those of you faced with the daunting task of regaining employment pose even higher risks of suffering the ill-effects of stress.

Tools to tune up your body, mind, and spirit

Every prominent medical association under the sun clearly advocates the importance of regular exercise coupled with a healthy diet. The combination of both practices can provide the essentials of not only living a healthier life, but equipping you with the tools to become more energized and vibrant each day.

Tips for your personal fitness toolbox

Don’t waste your time with gimmicks.
There are no hidden secrets or magic pills out there. The only effective way to improve your fitness level for the long term is to incorporate a smart, manageable diet in combination with an effective cardio plan into your daily lifestyle.

Don’t make unrealistic demands of your time and efforts.
Drastically altering your current lifestyle will cause you to abandon your fitness goals before you know it. Plan three one-hour workouts weekly around your days off and one additional day during the week to get started. Start gradually in your approach and increase things as you go along.

Bring healthy snacks to work and plan your lunches during the work week.
Your hectic work schedule will have you munching on junk from the vending machines and dashing off to the nearest fast food restaurant almost daily. Load up on fruits to use as snacks and then coordinate your lunches with healthy microwavable options.

Don’t expect results overnight; patience ultimately yields results.
We’re all different as individuals. Don’t become disappointed if you notice someone else experiencing faster results. Stay the course and continue working hard to enhance your approach.

Get your coworkers and family members involved.
Becoming fit can become a contagious proposition. Use others to help keep you motivated. Spouses and significant others will almost always become interested after sharing your excitement.

Just remember, you’re not preparing to tryout with a professional sports franchise, or grace the cover of Sports Illustrated as an international swimsuit model. You’re only trying to improve your life and feel a little better each day.

Good luck and always remember to keep your head in the game.

Wil Smith is a Business Consultant for Workforce Solutions in the Houston metropolitan area. Wil has collected over 20 years of expertise in the areas of Corporate Training & Development, Recruitment and Operational Management; with the majority of that time working with a Fortune 500 Corporation. He has also worked in the Sports/ News industry as a Reporter and Broadcaster.

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