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Am I Protected Under the ADA?


During the last three years as a Disability Navigator, I have received many calls from people that have self diagnosed and feel that they should be receiving Social Security benefits for their disability. While I’m not the expert, I have learned to understand that the definition of “disability” can be complex and varies according to its context. Continue reading ‘Am I Protected Under the ADA?’

Show Me the Money

Lisa Bogany

Employers have a great opportunity to put Texans back to work and receive some financial relief. The Texas Back to Work subsidy offers employers up to $2000 for hiring an eligible candidate. Continue reading ‘Show Me the Money’

Mind, Body, and a Toolbox?

will-s-0209Strategies to lower your stress.

After experiencing one of the coolest winters in recent memory, the warmer months are finally here. Spring training has started in baseball while college students are crowding the roads for spring break. This is also about the time of year when those earlier plans to become more fit have been abandoned. I have proof of this because it now takes me less time to find a parking space at my gym each evening. Continue reading ‘Mind, Body, and a Toolbox?’

Stop This Train I’m Over-Adviced!

danny-0509Deciding which advice is the best advice when searching for a job.

I know we’ve all been there. We decide to finally dust off the resume and have a few friends or colleagues look over our work. Soon thereafter, you receive great advice from Friend 1. A couple of days later, Friend 2 pops up with advice that appears just as great…except, it directly contradicts Friend 1’s great advice: Continue reading ‘Stop This Train I’m Over-Adviced!’