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Strike While the Iron…or Job…is HOT!

danny-0509How timing is critical in your job search.

Let’s keep this short and simple. Like the delivery of a good joke, timing is everything in job searching. Here are some useful tips in making timing work for you: Continue reading ‘Strike While the Iron…or Job…is HOT!’

I’ve ‘Temped’ It, So Now What?

Finding employment after the holidays.

Perhaps you had taken on a temporary job in order to get through the holidays, but now that Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day is over…where do you look for work at this time? Here are a few ways to get your post-holiday job search a jump start. Continue reading ‘I’ve ‘Temped’ It, So Now What?’

High as a Kite – Firing an Employee on Drugs


If you fire an employee because you say she was “high” on drugs, you may still have to pay unemployment claims. You must prove five facts to establish misconduct in an unemployment claims case. Without these five elements, you are not likely to overcome the claimant’s sworn denial of drug use because legally, she is her own best witness. Continue reading ‘High as a Kite – Firing an Employee on Drugs’

Using Super Bowl Strategies to Land Your Super Job


Those of you who have read my past blogs are aware that I have a serious passion for sports. As I prepare to watch the Super Bowl this week, I am considering the keys that helped both teams advance to this year’s big game and how using those same keys can be applied to job searching. Continue reading ‘Using Super Bowl Strategies to Land Your Super Job’