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Winning an Unemployment Claim


Our latest unemployment rate in the Gulf Coast is 8.2% or about 234,000 people, with many receiving unemployment benefits. To replenish the Unemployment Compensation Fund and pay those unemployment checks, the Texas Workforce Commission increased the employer tax rates. So, in addition to the bad economy that caused you to lay off and struggle to stay in business, you’ve got the burden of higher unemployment taxes. You’re liable for charges on employees you lay off, but don’t pay for those employees you deservedly fire. Continue reading ‘Winning an Unemployment Claim’

I Got an Interview! Where’s My Flack Jacket?

danny-0509Keys to being prepared for the 1st interview.

Here’s a general rule of thumb: when the job market is not good and unemployment is high, employers are more selective because they have more qualified candidates in their labor pool than they would have otherwise. What does this mean for you? Well, if you are one of the fortunate people to get the opportunity to interview with an employer, this is when your real work begins. Continue reading ‘I Got an Interview! Where’s My Flack Jacket?’

Top 5 Work Gifts

Work appropriate holiday giving revisited.

Here it is again…holiday time, how the heck did 2009 go by so fast?  The holiday season has inevitably snuck up on me, and that means one thing: SHOPPING!  I’m always looking for ideas for my gift giving, especially since the people I love giving presents to are very hard to buy for.  With the budget tight this year, like many of us, I am looking for unique and inexpensive deals, too.  Whether you love or loath the hobby, ‘tis the season for gift giving and so I pose the question, what’s work appropriate gifting? Continue reading ‘Top 5 Work Gifts’

Chestnuts, Eggnog, and a New Job For You


If you’re in the crux of a strenuous job search, taking time off during the holidays could be the worst thing you can do. A common misconception about the holiday season is that companies are not hiring. Continue reading ‘Chestnuts, Eggnog, and a New Job For You’