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will-s-0209Greening your job search to include environmentally-conscious alternatives.

Being the sports-driven enthusiast that I am, the word “Green” triggers memories of past grid-iron greats– Mean Joe Green, or the maniacal pass-rushing dynamo, Kevin Greene. Retired gold-medal sprinter Maurice Greene also comes to mind.  Like many other Americans, I have come to realize the power of “Green” is also important to a growing sector of today’s workplace.

In partnership with neighbors across the globe, our country is working to preserve our natural resources and keep our planet environmentally healthy. As a result, there are new career opportunities surrounding these “green initiatives” cropping up daily for interested job seekers.

All of the general job boards such as Monster, CareerBuilder, Craigslist, and Yahoo Hotjobs feature green-related jobs on their respective sites. One of the more established, green-focused websites is www.greenjobs.com. (It has been around since 2004.) Greenjobs.com is designed to connect talented individuals with renewable energy companies and provide RE employers with the people and information they need to remain competitive. Other useful sites are www.greenjobsearch.org, which provides a breakdown of the different jobs on a state and local basis, and www.greenbiz.com.

I was surprised to learn that there was a Green Hotel Association, who features environmentally friendly properties designated to institute programs that save water, energy, and reduce waste. After conferring with our local hospitality guru, Danny Zendejas, I learned that we have participating hotels right here in space city.

Cracking the Hidden Green Market
The best way to tap into the hidden green market, as with all job markets, is to be proactive in networking with organizations and network groups that focus on green initiatives.

Many of these organizations offer meetings, forums, training seminars, and other events that could lead to excellent networking opportunities– helping you land your next job!  Two key organizations, Global Exchange and Green America have joined forces to host Green Festival in San Francisco each year. It is widely considered one of the best networking venues around due to its growing popularity and huge corporate following. For more information, go to www.greenfestivals.org.

Just as it is for all other job search strategies, the key is to stay focused and keep all options open. There are no hidden secrets to getting jobs in the new green jobs market. Look for ways to transfer the skills you’ve acquired in your current industry, and seek the best options that will match those skills in the green jobs market.

Good luck with your job search, and remember to keep your head in the game.

Wil Smith is a Business Consultant for Workforce Solutions in the Houston metropolitan area. Wil has collected over 20 years of expertise in the areas of Corporate Training & Development, Recruitment and Operational Management; with the majority of that time working with a Fortune 500 Corporation. He has also worked in the Sports/ News industry as a Reporter and Broadcaster.

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  1. Excellent article! Thanks Wil for sharing these fresh ideas for expanding one’s job search. You’re exactly right: outside the box, head in the game. Our future, indeed, looks green.

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