Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You

Who needs a recruiter anyway?

I gather many ideas for future blog topics from my esteemed co-workers and career office staff. Today’s new blog topic is inspired by a conversation I had recently with a job seeker. (For blogging purposes let’s refer to this job seeker as John Wayne.)

Mr. Wayne and I had an endearing conversation about his employment status, resume, and various other aspects of his life pertaining to road blocks on achieving a permanent career.  John expressed interest in a job posting for a prestigious hotel, to which I am the contact person.  So, after a few emails, John and I set up an appointment to meet face to face for the prescreening process.  In a nut shell, the conversation went a little like this:

Mr. Wayne: “Why do I need to contact you anyway?”

Aleesa: “For prescreening purposes requested by the employer.”

Mr. Wayne: “Obviously I am perfect for this position, I don’t need a recruiter.”

So, why should you enlist in a recruiter anyway?  Here are my top five reasons for any job seeker (including Mr. Wayne):

  1. Resume critique  Recruiters see many types and styles of resumes on a daily basis and know what hiring managers are looking for on paper.  They will help you tailor your resume to fit certain job types as well as organize the appearance and flow of information.
  2. Insight to job leads Many companies advertise in a hidden market and base a hiring decision on an internal or external referral.  Recruiters often have job leads on positions not publicly listed.
  3. Time  If time is not on your side, why not maximize your search by having someone who specializes in job searching?  Recruiters are on your side whether you’re out of a job or currently employed.  Plus, if you are targeting a specific industry, a recruiter can help eliminate jobs that are not relevant to your career path.
  4. Advice and recommendations  A recruiter is a great sounding board for making a decision as well as serving as a professional recommendation for employers.
  5. Cost  Recruiter’s services are free to job seekers, so you have nothing to lose!

My message is this: a recruiter’s job is to help others find a job.  They are a great resource and are the liaison between the job seeker and  employer.  They are required to be familiar with the position requirements, duties, and skills needed to successfully perform the job.  They can be a great medium to assist with interview skills, cover letters, and help expand your network–so, don’t hesitate to be candid about your job search situation-including salary requirements, travel, and/or any barriers to employment.  Need a recruiter?  Visit our website for a career office near you!

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