Should My Toe Nail Polish Match My Flip Flops?

Insider secret to summertime dress for success for women.

I love summer. Really, I do. It is my favorite time of the year (seasonally speaking, besides Christmas of course). I look forward to the summer months all year long. The warm sun, the clear skies, full and lush landscapes, flowers in bloom and, of course, the ever so stifling Houston humidity. But, what I love the most is the new fashion styles that arrive with the weather changes…and with weather changes clothes can become more and more ultramodern. Here are some insider tips to staying chic and professional in the work place while it’s hot outside.

“Is that an outfit or a bathing suit?” –Stacy London, What Not to Wear
One basic thing to keep in mind for office attire is to dress for success, and size does matter! Baring too much in the office says “I’m inexperienced, unprofessional, and hoping everyone doesn’t notice that I have no real skills for this job.” Keep in mind that summer office apparel should remain professional and elegant without becoming a victim of the fashion blunder in overly traditional and sweaty garb.

If you want to avoid putting your image or career at risk, steer clear of theses office attire faux pas:

Low cut Necklines or “V” necks – Wearing something under it will conceal the err…revealing top portion of your body, indeed it will still look great layered.

Belly Shirts – You may be proud of your rock hard 6 pack, but others at the office don’t need to see it.

Low-rise Pants – Even the ‘plumber’s crack’ is overrated…just avoid.

Mini Skirts – Should you inspire to stay in the 80’s- I encourage some rethinking for this in the office of 2009.

Sheer/See-Through Shirts If you can see through it, chances are others can too, so if you want to be noticed in a good way, don’t go transparent.

Shorts of any length – Shorts (and, yes, even some Capri pants) are rarely appropriate in the workplace, although cool and cute, they just don’t cut it in an office setting.

Open-Back Tops and Dresses – Dancing with the Stars in the ballroom is the only appropriate place for these in a professional setting.

Flip-flops -Very appropriate for the beach, pool and lounging, not for daily office wear even if you have a pair in every color.

Skimpy, Strappy Camisole Tops – See “Low cut Necklines or V necks.”

What you wear in the office sets the tone for your reputation amongst your colleagues and supervisors. Summertime office attire can be tricky, so if you are unsure about the apparel dos and don’ts, check with your human resources department or handbook for your company’s clothing guidelines.

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