Pink Slip Rebound

Re-branding your skill sets after the pink slip.

Are you tired of being unemployed? Have you been laid off, gone on multiple interviews and no response? If your answer is yes to all of the above, then you would probably agree that it’s time for a big fat change.

It’s no shock that the economy is in full blown chaos and lay-off discussions are as common as the weather. The current turmoil in this work world has now forced us to change direction and take on a more humble approach in our job search. So, what kind of change are we talking about here? Simply, getting back to the basics.

No matter how strong your skills or experience, you won’t land a new job without first securing an interview with a potential employer. Aside from what you probably already know(networking, job searching, and resume revamping), consider taking an interview skills or re-branding your skills class and see what hiring managers are looking for today. You may have been the interviewer in the past, but it never hurts to brush up on current interview Q&A’s now that you sit on the other side of the desk. What could it hurt? After all, how many times have you considered your qualifications ideal for an open position only to never hear from the hiring manager?

Consider re-educating yourself. Maybe you are going on the same types of interviews and doing the same type of job searches only to be told you are either A-under qualified or B-over qualified. If you are doing the same thing over and over again only to get the same results, something has to change! Look into different sectors of your industry and think about a transition into a different job title in a related industry. For example, if you have been an executive legal secretary, consider paralegal work or court reporting. Research different certifications or classes that you can take to further educate you on specific job titles and what will advance your skill set.

Your attitude and approach is going to determine many of your job search results. We have to think outside the box and break the repeated chain of events. If you are going in circles applying for jobs, sending out resumes, going on interviews and getting no response, then it’s time to get busy doing something else.

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