Stick a Fork in Me, I’m Done!

danny-z-02091Part 1 in a series on coping with supposed overqualifications.

I have to admit, this job market is not the friendliest we’ve had. I was talking to fellow blogger, Aleesa, about something we’ve heard recently from some of our wonderful job seekers coming from degreed professions: I’m overqualified, and I can’t even get into an interview. In the rare case that I do, I’m quickly dismissed.

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An Eye on Fitness

Part One: Keeping in game shape can help you ride through the turbulence will-s-0209

Many are dealing with elevated stress levels because of the volatility in the economy. Some of us are out of work or have been forced to take on increased workloads because of cutbacks. Good fitness habits combat the negative effects of stress and improve self confidence for both job seekers and employees.

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I’m a New Graduate a.k.a. “Fresh Meat”

What all new Grads should know when job hunting

What all new Grads should know when job hunting .

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Avoiding the Dragon

Preparing informed responses to behavioral interview questions

danny-z-02091Preparing informed responses to behavioral interview questions

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