How to Give Your Career a Boost with a Temporary Assignment or Part-time Job Opportunity!



For some, the road to a rewarding long-term career opportunity may begin with a short-term assignment. Almost every industry hires temporary workers to fill important company needs—even professional sports teams.

After a standout career at the University of Kentucky and a resume stacked with accolades and honors, current professional basketball player Chuck Hayes found himself on the outside-looking-in after being bypassed by all thirty-two teams during the 2006 NBA draft.

Hugely disappointed, Hayes was at the brink of giving up on his dream of playing in the NBA before serendipity set in. Due to a sudden rash of injuries, around that time, the Houston Rockets were in desperate need of a front court player and decided to offer the eager Hayes a 10-day contract—which is tantamount to a 10-day audition. Needless to say, Hayes seized the opportunity…“the rest is history.”


It could be a temporary assignment that boosts your career to the next level (just as it was for Mr. Hayes). Temporary assignments offer flexibility and can empower you with the tools to redirect your career goals. Unlike a regular job, temporary assignments equip you with the autonomy to pick and choose assignments without the hassles of jumping from one employer to another and tarnishing your work record. Furthermore, temporary assignments allow you to add valuable industry experience to your resume while earning a paycheck.

On any given day, nearly two-million Americans are working temporary assignments. In the Houston area alone, there are over 200 various temporary agencies. So, finding the right options to match your interests should be easy, right? Actually, it can be, but it would behoove you to register with more than one agency to keep your options aplenty.

For most agencies, you will be required to register online and create your profile, then go into the office to complete an application and personal assessment. As the agency receives orders from its clients, you will be notified and offered assignments. Some people actually spend years working for temp agencies because of the flexibility they present.

Some temp agencies offer outstanding benefits such as; medical, dental, vacation, and stock options.


Working part time can be an excellent option for many. Part-time jobs provide a solid income stream without the commitments of a full-time job. Many people take on part-time work to supplement their normal income. Similar to temporary assignments, you can earn valuable work experience and determine if the experience will spark enough interest for you to pursue full time. Many choose to work part-time jobs during the Christmas season or summer months, depending on their schedules.

Similar to some temporary assignments, companies such as United Parcel Service (UPS), offer benefits to its part-time employees. Almost all UPS regular, full-time positions require a stint as a part-time employee. This strategy allows the employer to evaluate and “weed out” candidates who don’t perform up to their standards.

Take time to assess your own personal situation. Having a job can make you an attractive commodity for employers based on the fact that you already exemplify the important trait of being employable. Determine if a temporary or part-time opportunity might work for you. If you are already between assignments, the timing could be perfect. In either case, always remember to demonstrate the same level of energy and professionalism that you would in a regular, full-time assignment. You never know, you just might be in the process of starting a brand new long term career.

Good luck, and always remember to keep your head in the game!

Wil Smith is a Business Consultant for Workforce Solutions in the Houston metropolitan area. Wil has collected over 20 years of expertise in the areas of Corporate Training & Development, Recruitment and Operational Management; with the majority of that time working with a Fortune 500 Corporation. He has also worked in the Sports/ News industry as a Reporter and Broadcaster.

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  1. 1 Suarez Carter April 30, 2009 at 8:06 am

    I have to agree, I have worked Temp assignment while between jobs and I feel this keeps you motivated, paid and skilled while in transition so I would recommend part-time/Temp jobs anyday.

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