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Why Hang Out with the Unemployed?

A series on how to survive the pink slip.  

Why would I want to hang out with someone who does not have a job when I’m looking for a job? Continue reading ‘Why Hang Out with the Unemployed?’

Please Pack Your Knives and Leave the Island Immediately with this Rose

danny-z-02091– Job Search Lessons Learned from Reality TV

I watch too much TV. My wife watches more, but it’s her job (I know, awesome, right?!). Together we have a bit of a problem with Reality TV. And by problem, I mean…who else do you know that can name the cities of all 21 seasons of The Real World? (…and next year is in Mexico City, FYI.) Continue reading ‘Please Pack Your Knives and Leave the Island Immediately with this Rose’

For Your Eyes Only…


“Communicate your policies to your employees.” “Put policies in writing, preferably in a handbook, and have employees sign that they have read them.” “Periodically review and update policies and distribute again to employees for their perusal and signature.” “Train your employees on your policies; test their understanding.” Good grief, Charlie Brown–enough! Continue reading ‘For Your Eyes Only…’

Elevating Your Draft Position for the Big Interview

will-s-0209Preparation will help to keep your head in the game!

I’m pretty serious when it comes to sports. Continue reading ‘Elevating Your Draft Position for the Big Interview’