Do a Little Dance…You’ve got business!


End of the year and those layoff notices started rolling in. Beginning of the year and the layoff notices haven’t stopped. Economy – shrinking, talent pool – expanding. That’s wonderful news for you people who still have job openings. You’ve got choices that didn’t exist when the economy was go, go, go.

Do I hear whining? Not the people you need, or don’t want to hire anyone who was laid off? Sure, layoffs are used to get rid of some bad employees. In these bleak times, though, layoffs are more often a result of the balance sheet, and individual work performance has nothing to do with being swept out the door.

I need an employee with “x” to the “nth” degree skills. Oh, yeah? You just might be able to find that ideal person now that so many are looking. It’s an employer’s market at the moment. With a larger talent pool to sort through, consider defining the essential skills required to do the job and compare them with similar occupations. You may find less training is required to bring someone on board.

Young people don’t work. Old people can’t use computers. Generalities make great sound bites but often don’t reflect the truth of individuals. I’m surrounded by people who defy generalities. Look past your preconceptions. Companies with a diverse mix of employees are more successful. By diverse I mean—age, gender, race, and experience.

So hey, do a little dance…celebrate! If you’ve got job openings and you’re filling them, you’ve got business! You’ve got some fantastic prospects to choose from and you will make their day!

When you feel like Atlas carrying the world on your shoulders, we’ll carry some weight with you. Want to discuss, moan or query regarding personnel issues? Participate in this blog, I’d love to hear from you.

Cally Graves is an Industry Liaison between business, workforce, and education. She has 35 years of experience in workforce development, primarily working with employers in Houston, Texas and the Gulf Coast region.

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