Top 5 Ways to Ace Your Annual Review

Have you been good this year? No, it’s not Santa Claus, St. Nick, or Kris Kringle watching you this time…’s the professional performance evaluator, a.k.a your boss. It’s time for your review. Think about it, when’s the last time you heard those words? I bet your first instinct is to reach for the panic button. Take a step back! Here are five simple ways to help you come out on top.

1. Be prepared. Preparation is everything! Gather all your information—including your job description, company mission statement, production numbers and/or expectations—as well as feedback from customers, co-workers and supervisors. Dust off the old employee handbook, and find any written help to validate your accomplishments like constructive emails, praises, comment cards, score sheets, letters, or previous reviews. Arm yourself with as much information as possible!

2. Write it down. List EVERYTHING on paper that you have achieved in the past year or that you are currently working on. Don’t skip your daily activities: write down your schedule and highlight how you spend your time. Recall and document all projects, training, certifications, and awards that will help confirm your job well done.

3. Wrap up! Take the time to complete those unfinished projects. Finalize and include completed assignments to display your success. If you are unable to put the last touches on your big project, make sure you can accurately describe where you are in the process and what has been completed.

4. Do a gut check. Perform a self-review even if it’s not required. Did you listen to any constructive criticism? Did you follow any advice? Did you strive to meet your full potential? Whether the answer is “yes” or “no,” this is your chance to be honest with yourself.

5. Ask questions. When your review time comes, remember to eat a bite of humble pie. Take the time to listen to what your boss says, and open your mind to any and all recommendations. Remember, wherever you are in your career, you can always learn something new!

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